Advertising Design Programs

Advertising Designers Career Description

People enroll into advertising design schools for the purpose of securing a career in commercial design or advertising. Commercial design careers are those where the designer helps to develop a product for future sales. An advertising designer helps to create television, Internet, or print advertising campaigns to promote product sales. Most of the career employment opportunities in these fields require at least a 4-year degree.

Who goes to Advertising Design Schools?

Most of the advertising design schools require that students have their high school graduation completed, or a finished GED certification before enrollment. Trade schools, colleges, and universities offer advertising design courses as a degree option. It is possible to earn an AA, BA, or Master Degree for this career choice, however an AA degree is not recommended if you would like a career-level job.

Some students will choose their advertising design schools after earning an AA degree at a community college in order to save some money. However, extra money is often needed in this equation that people are not thinking about. When transferring schools, sometimes class credits are not accepted by the next school for various reasons and then the person who is transferring must take some of the finished classes again. People thinking about saving money in this manner should contact both schools involved to see if the game-plan is viable before acting on it.

Many people pick out their advertising design schools by searching through college brochures that explain details about each class being taught. Within these class descriptions there is a wealth of information about various sections of this exciting career area. For your convenience, we keep a comprehensive list of advertising design schools for you to explore at leisure.

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