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Business and Finance Career Description

The business and finance industry is dynamic and the bottom line is, that as long as there are businesses in existence and new ones being created, opportunities will continue to multiply for the holder of a business and finance degree. A business and finance career doesn't always deal exclusively with numbers or ledgers, persons in this field might be buyers, expeditors or even collectors but they are all focused on helping and business achieve a profit.

Projected Growth for Business and Finance Careers

The growth of employment opportunities for persons interested in a career in Business and Finance are predicted to be better than average according to a 2006 Department of Labor report. Business and Finance industry are not just limited to accountants as some people might think. The field is diverse and job opportunities are plentiful and projected to remain so.

Examples of Business and Finance Careers And Salaries

Budget Analysts have a vital role in any company. They analyze costs, projected expenses, and short and long term goals within a company in order to keep them on budget. The budget analyst will then make recommendations based on their findings as to the feasibility of a project or projects. The average earnings overall for budget analyst careers is $61,430 per year.

Buyers and Purchasers are vital jobs within any companies supply line. These persons will normally negotiate contracts with suppliers designating delivery times, and prices. Find new products and suppliers, and monitor stock levels adjusting buying when needed to control a stock. The average yearly salary or Buyers and Purchasers are around $81,570 per year

Claims Adjusters most often work within insurance companies. They usually work with the simpler claims and handle them from start to payout. The Claims Adjuster can specialize in areas like life and health or automotive damage. The average salary for a Claims Adjuster is reported to be around $49,180.

Claims Examiners tend to be more senior and experienced professionals and are usually these jobs are usually found within the property and casualty insurance industry. The claims examiner will normally handle more complex claims and also review the work of others within their department. The average salary of a claims examiner is around $49,180 yearly.

Claims Investigators career often involves a good bit of detective work as well as strong financial or business acumen. The claims investigator will review claims and interview witnesses and talk to police. They also may perform required subject surveillance in addition to their other duties. The average salary of all claims investigators is about $49,180 yearly.

Cost Estimators most often find employment within the construction and manufacturing industries. Their job duties vary widely according to the project in which they are all however they estimate the total cost of any project including special machinery requirements, computer hardware or software or specialists involved in the job. With their information a company can make a realistic bid on most jobs and still show a profit. The average yearly income for Cost Estimators is around $52,940 per year.

Financial Analysts are considered gurus of the financial industry. These individuals research market trends on the micro and macro scale (individual and groups) and then make predictions based upon these findings. This is a well-respected and in fact, highly desirable position within the business and finance industries. The average yearly salary of financial analysts is $66,590 per year.

Government Accountants are generally found within government agencies and in charge of making sure that government but books are kept properly, information on expenditures is appropriately documented, and auditing private businesses as well as governmental agencies ensuring that recordkeeping and controls are in place. Average salaries for Government Accountants are between $47,200 per year to $57,020 per year.

Government Auditors are generally employed by state local or federal agencies and are charged with both internal auditing and sometimes with auditing external companies as with government auditors employed by the IRS. Average yearly earnings for the government auditor are between $47,200-$57,000.

Loan Officers analyze, verify and sometimes counsel consumers during the loan application process. Many times loan officers and counselors are able to determine the most appropriate type of loan for a consumer based on their credit history and earning potential. The loan officer and counselor will usually attempt to guide the consumer through the loan application process. Average salaries for loan officers are around $48,900 per year.

Loan Counselors are most often charged with assisting potential clients with finding the correct loan type and counseling them on the interest rate or in other cases in helping a borrower delinquent on their loans to repay this debt. Average salaries for loan counselors are around $48,900 per year.

Management Accountants can be found in almost every sector of the business industry. The Management Accountant keeps a close eye on the figures including salary costs and earnings for the business and will then make recommendations based upon those figures. The median income range for management accountants is between $47,200 per year to $57,000 per year.

Internal Auditors ensure that the checks and balances are in place corrected for recordkeeping and the records are accurate and up to date. The middle range of salaries for internal auditors is between $47,200 per year to $57,000 per year.

Meeting and Convention Planners focus on arranging managing and planning such diverse event as seminars, conventions, or even social gatherings. The meeting and convention planner has a broad range of responsibilities such as finding accommodations, planning activities for the event and promoting the event to potential participants. The average salary for Meeting and Convention Planners was $42,000 per year.

Personal Financial Advisors as a broad range of knowledge and uses it to assist a client in their investment strategies. Their expertise may cover taxes, securities and pension plans. They assist the client in assessing the income potential and liabilities and then generate suggestions based on the client's stated goals. The average income for personal financial advisors is around $66,120 per year.

Public Accountants perhaps have the broadest potential range of duties. Public accountants are usually CPAs and can work for companies or have their own business and private clients. Some specialize in advising businesses on salaries such as compensation, tax matters, and others in insurance. The average yearly income for public accountants is dependent upon the sector they worked for however it ranges between $47,200 per year to $57,020 per year.

Real Estate Appraisers estimate values of houses and commercial buildings. Real estate appraisers average $38,984 and $63,511 per year with 5 to 9 years of experience.

Tax Examiners generally verify tax forms and ensure that deductions and incomes reported are appropriate. Tax Examiners will usually deal with the most basic individual tax forms and with small business returns. The average earnings of Tax Examiners are reported at around $45,620 per year.

Tax Collectors are most often assigned cases within state local or federal government having to do with delinquent taxes. They also help to verify the legitimacy of a tax payers claim to be unable to repay back taxes and work out payment arrangements or property confiscation procedures for others. On average tax collectors earn around $45,620 per year.

Tax Revenue Agents are most often employed by state local or federal governments deal with more complex income tax matters often with corporations are matters of sales tax and excise tax and more complicated returns are common. The average yearly earnings for all tax revenue agents are around $45,624.

Top Business and Finance Careers

The top-of-the-line Business and Finance Career choice would undeniably have to be the Financial Analysts careers. A possessor of a business or finance diploma, who chooses to specialize and become a financial analyst, will be highly compensated. The Financial Analysts will also have a wide range of employment opportunities as this sector of the business and finance industry is predicted to have a much faster than average growth.

Working Conditions for the Business and Finance Industry

Generally a person working within the business and finance industry will find that the majority of their occupation is performed indoors in a climate controlled environment. Depending on the business and finance degree chosen, the person may have a lot or no contact with the public. A "head for figures" will certainly be required within any specialization in the business and finance industry.

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