Budget Analyst Career - Salary, Duties, & Job Information

Budget Analysts Career Description

Most people are familiar with the function that the budget analyst performs because most people live within a budget. The difference is the budget analyst within a company will often be dealing with amounts ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. The job of Budget Analyst is to stretch limited resources as far as possible and make recommendations based upon budgetary considerations.

Budget Analyst Career Specializations

Budget Analysts are generally required to have a Bachelor Degree and often a Masters degree is preferred. When working within the government a budget analyst can be considered with the degree in any field. However within the private sector persons with accounting, finance, and economics degrees may find employment opportunities expand.
For governmental budget analysts, there is an advanced certification available called the Certified Government Financial Manager. This certification will require a certain amount of on-the-job hours as well as 24 credit hours in financial management. This certification can be gained through the Association of Government Accountants.

Budget Analyst Job Duties and Responsibilities

The range of job you do and responsibilities for the budget analyst is dependent upon whether they work in the governmental or private sector as well as their experience and position in the field. Because of the recent economic downturn and the belt tightening measures taken by many companies the job duties of a budget analyst have been expanded. The budget analyst makes suggestions to improve profits and improve efficiency and they are vital even in economic downtrends. When working for nonprofit organizations for governmental bodies in the budget analyst will be most concerned about how to efficiently and appropriately distribute assets.

Budget Analyst Work Environment

Budget analysts can be found within private sector companies as well as nonprofit and governmental organizations. They will normally work within environmentally controlled office. Though usually a budget analyst with the normal office hours extended hours may be necessary during peak periods, or for budget review periods. Generally the budget analyst will work between a 35 and 44 hour work week.

Budget Analyst Employment Outlook and Opportunities

Job Growth for the Budget Analyst
The employment outlook for the person holding a budget analysts degree remains firm with this particular business and finance industry experiencing about average job growth at about 7 to 13% through the year 2016.

Employment Settings for the Budget Analyst
Budget Analysts can find employment within local state court governmental bodies. Colleges, universities, and professional schools also employ budget analysts. Naturally the private sector employees budget analysts as well.

How much does a Budget Analyst make – Budget Analyst Salaries and Wages

Earnings for Budget Analysts with 1 to 4 years experience are reported to be around $47,789 yearly.
Earnings for Budget Analysts with 5 to 9 years experience are reported to be around $64,588 yearly.
Earnings For Budget Analysts with 10 to 19 years experience are reported to be around $80,368 per year.

How to Become a Budget Analyst

Major courses of study for a Budget Analyst program

Though there are no firm standards for the budget analyst degree throughout the industry, there are some degree plans that will enhance the type of employment opportunities available to the graduate. Achieving a bachelor's degree within financing, accounting, public administration, statistics or economics will enhance the earning potential and the job opportunities available to the graduate.

Career Advancement for the Budget Analyst

The budget analyst career is one way or time on the job is crucial for advancement as well as advanced degrees such as a Masters degree. In government the certification “Certified Government Financial Manager” can also help the budget analyst with career advancement.

Budget Analyst Career Considerations

Obviously, though requirements differ with the budget analyst between government jobs and the private sector employment opportunities with budget analyst must have a head for figures
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