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Career Counselors Career Description

We all want to succeed in our chosen career. The career that you originally thought was the right one may not be the right one. A career counselor can help you make a change or jumpstart your current career by laying out a roadmap for you to follow. Becoming a career counselor may be your chosen career, if you want to be of service and helps others find a career that’s right for them. Career counseling careers make other successful careers possible by providing advice, guidance, coaching and friendship.

Career counseling careers start with a four year degree in psychology or online universities offer degrees in career counseling. Online universities also offer graduate programs in career counseling, so a master’s degree accredited by the Council of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) can be achieved. If you want to work in a school, some states require a school counseling certification and some schools require a teaching certificate.

How to Become a Career Counselor (CRC)

Career counseling careers also require experience and there are professional associations that can assist you in getting that experience. Groups like the National Career Development Association, as well as various state career development associations can help you find a school or juvenile or community center that needs volunteers while you are studying online. That experience will help you decide if you want to focus on being an employment counselor, a recruiter or a career counselor. An employment counselor works with white and blue collar workers and recruiters deal with executives and the career counselor has an interest in the total person and will work for an extended period of time to find the right career for that person.

How Much Does a Career Counselor (CRC) Make - Career Counselor (CRC) Salaries

The typical salary for career counseling is approximately $43,000 a year if you are counseling in higher education. If you are working as a career counselor in a private business or a corporation the salary could be over $55,000 and executive recruiters can make over $100,000 with experience. Career counseling careers are rewarding not just financially; helping others find their passion is an experience that is hard to put a value on, it just feels right.

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