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Today’s job market in the United States is filled with uncertainty due to the current economical trends that are causing cut-backs and job losses. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT and computer oriented career-level jobs are one of the fastest growing industry sectors today.

While employment opportunities appear to be rated high by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in all ends of the industry, there appears to be a catch that those studying within these career areas need to be aware of. The career-level jobs that are deemed as most secure are those that are going to people holding at least a Bachelor degree in computers.

As an example, Computer Software Engineers are in very high demand right now. In order to secure one of these career-level positions that often start at a pay-rate of about 75,000 per year, a Bachelor degree in computer science or computer engineering is necessary, along with some work experience, before this type of job can be yours.

IT and computer oriented degree classes are very easy to take today. With online study-plans available, and choices between daytime or evening on-site classes, it is possible to be working at an entry-level computer job while upgrading your degree-level to meet the Bachelor degree requirements for a satisfying career-level position with computers.

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