Elementary School Teacher Career - Salary, Duties & Requirements

Elementary School Teachers Career Description

Elementary school teacher careers are a great way to make a good salary since there is always a need for teachers. An elementary school teacher must have a bachelor’s degree. Many states have incentives for college graduates to become elementary school teachers, such as licensing programs. Requirements vary from state to state but there will always a need for elementary school teachers. Elementary school teacher careers include teaching elementary school subjects, such as math, science, English, and social studies. Teachers typically prepare lesson plans and homework instructions in advance, creating an organized atmosphere for the children. With elementary school teacher careers there is a chance to provide the basics of learning to children. The elementary school teacher teaches the children skills that they will need for all the years they are in school.

How to Become an Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers need to be creative in order to excite the children and instill them with a love of learning. Elementary school teaching often involves hands on learning such as science experiments, arts and crafts and play acting. Teaching reading is one of the most important tasks of the elementary school teacher, since reading will be the basis of all learning and the student must advance to the next reading level each year. An introduction to literature starts in elementary school, with which the creative elementary school teacher will make exciting and fun. Computer education is another choice for an elementary school teacher careers. In today’s; elementary schools computers are a vital component of the education goals. Almost every subject cab be enhanced by computer work, the teacher will use may programs to teach the children subjects such as math, problem solving and vocabulary.

How Much Does an Elementary School Teacher Make - Elementary School Teacher Salaries

Elementary education salaries vary from state to state, but generally the average full time elementary school teacher’s salary starts at $33,000 to $35,000. With each year of experience elementary education salaries increase, for example, after 5 years, an elementary school teacher salary can be $40,000 or more. Public schools and private schools may pay their teachers different salaries, but elementary school teachers have a lot of choices for their employment between public and private schools. Sometimes elementary school teachers will start off in public school and switch to a private school later. Sometimes it can be the other way around, especially if districts are recruiting teachers and enticing them with better salaries and benefits Beside salary there are usually other benefits such as health insurance and paid vacations. Elementary school teachers can also work as tutors, which can be very lucrative for them. Tutors can make $50-$100 depending on the subject matter, affluence of the community, and the teachers own experience and reputation.

For those who plan to have a family, elementary school teacher careers can fit in well with the family schedule. Teaching can be part time when necessary, and when the children are school age, parents can work full time, basically keeping the same hours that the children are in school. Elementary school teachers will have time off during the summer and can spend that time with their children who are out of school for the summer. All in all, elementary school teacher careers can be financially secure as well as fit in well with family life.

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