Veterinary Technologist Career - Salary, Duties, & Job Information

Veterinary Technologists Career Description

A Veterinarian Technologist career is a rapidly growing and exciting career that is just as rewarding as it is challenging. As a veterinarian technologist, you will be working with, and often right next to the veterinarians. You will perform many of the day to day tasks involved with animal care such as surgery, testing and disease prevention. If you have a love for animals and a drive to succeed, you can improve your life and enjoy a career you can be proud of.

Veterinarian technologists handle many different tasks in many applications depending on what area of animal care they are involved. A veterinarian technologist career in research and development of vaccines for example, will differ greatly from a career in an animal care clinic. Whatever direction you choose, you can assume that you will be performing some of the following at some point in your career; medical and laboratory tests, treatment and diagnoses, tissue samples and blood samples, preparing and administering vaccines and even sterilization of instruments and maintaining machines.

How to Become a Veterinary Technologist

The foundation of a veterinarian technologist career, as with any career, is education. There is a virtual goldmine of education courses and career programs available online. Many schools offer financial aid and are approved courses of study for American Veterinary Medical Association. These online schools offer great flexibility and accelerated time frames for those making a career change or needing to work through school. The important thing is to find a good fit for your particular situation.

How Much Does a Veterinary Technologist Make - Veterinary Technologist Salaries

The average salary for a veterinarian technologist ranges from $26,000 up to $38,000 per year or more. As with most careers, veterinary assistant salaries do depend on region and experience. Most positions also have very nice benefit packages that can include paid time off, paid vacations, 401K, medical, dental and so on. Of course, every position is varied upon experience and education levels. The more experience and or education you have, the better salary range you will be able to command.

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