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Healthcare Support Career Description

Health Support careers are growing at the same or a faster rate as the rest of the healthcare industry, which is to say rapidly indeed. In general a health support career is considered those professions which support professional healthcare providers. In actual fact the term helps support covers many more facets than would be considered at first glance. For instance, this term covers not only support for physicians and nurses, but also mental health care professionals support, and veterinary support.

Projected Growth for Health Support Careers

Healthcare Support Careers number among the top 30 professions projected in a 2006 US Department of Labor report. This comes as no surprise considering the advances in the last 20 years in medical technology, and the increase in average lifespan. Overall the career opportunities within the health support field are projected to grow about 15% from the years 2006-2016. This places this career field above most others as far as growth potential except for information technology. For the person with a helping personality and the desire for a stable choice of professions there exist few better options than the health support career.

Examples of Health Support Careers

Here are just a few of the many choices in professions available in health support. Remember, this is simply a quick overview of only a few of the available health support careers, for more details concerning health support degrees and certifications there are links placed underneath this article.

The Psychiatric Technician usually provides direct patient care to adults and or children with psychiatric problems. This is a highly varied job, and the psychiatric technician will often be expected to mold and influence patient behavior. They may sometimes be required restrain or redirect violent patient behaviors by physical or verbal means. They may also administer medication following doctors and hospitals’ protocols. A licensed psychiatric technician degree takes between one and four years depending upon the level of certification desired and the state requirements.

Respiratory Therapy Technicians have a highly responsible position because breathing is the basis of life and breathing is the foundation of this career choice. These professionals evaluate and treat individuals with respiratory and cardiopulmonary problems. The respiratory therapy technician will provide treatments under the direction of a respiratory therapist and or physician. They will be expected to help maintain ventilators, administer respiratory treatment and work with children and adults.

The Pharmacy Technician career requires a very set of skills. A pharmacy technician will go from answering phones, to using a cash register, to explaining medication to patients, to assisting the pharmacist by counting pills or labeling bottles. Care and a great deal of attention to detail is required in this profession. Most pharmacies prefer candidates who have had formal pharmacy technician training and certification.

Physicians Assistants are also known as the PAs. This is a highly responsible career choice and requires from 2 to 4 years training as well as passing a federal licensure exam. Specialization training is also available in some states. In short, the physician’s assistant is trained to provide preventative healthcare, moderate levels of diagnostic care, and some therapeutic care as directed by the overseeing physician.

Dental Assistants are important to any dental office or clinic and employment growth is predicted to be great for this profession. Dental assistants may perform tasks ranging from clerical to dental cleaning, to patient education in any given day.

Medical Assistants are important to the proper functioning of a busy physician’s office. They handle many of the clerical duties in physician’s offices keep and the physician on track during his day. They may also handle certain patient concerns and often take vital signs and ready patients for examination. The Medical assistant career is predicted to have a better than average growth rate.

Earnings for Health Support Careers

As with any career choice that involves multiple levels of required education and certifications the salary ranges For Health Support Careers varies widely. Here are just a few examples of what can be expected from certain professions. For your convenience in finding more information on these and other Health Support careers there are links provided on the bottom of this article.

Psychiatric Technician salaries vary according to their location in the country, as well as varying with the level of education that the psychiatric technician possesses. However, the ranges around the country are from around $32,000 per year to $38,000 per year, with $35,000 per year being the average median salary for the first year out of school.

Respiratory Therapy Technicians receive a reasonable compensation for their services. The average first year certified Respiratory Therapy Technician salary is reported to be around $42,000 annually. This particular career choice is one of the few health support careers that is not projected to have a significant job growth potential in the next 10 years. Instead they demand is predicted to remain stable.

The Pharmacy Technician can expect to receive on average around $31,000 per year provided they are certified. This salary grows with experience in the job. Pharmacy technicians working in hospitals appear to have a greater salary range and larger starting salary.

Physicians Assistants are well compensated upon graduation and licensure. Salary ranges depend on the amount of education and degree program the Physician’s Assistant has but across the nation first year salaries were reported to be from $66,000 to $80,000.

Health Support’s Top Career Choices

One of the fastest growing careers in health support is the home health aide. This direct patient care role is predicted to have a employment potential and growth unmatched by nearly any other health support career. Physician’s assistants job growth is predicted to be about 27% over the next seven years and though requiring the most education, this career choice also has many opportunities for advancement and even specialization.

Working Conditions for Health Support Careers

Almost every health support career choice involves direct patient contact and will require good communication skills and the ability to listen and speak to persons in a crisis. As well, most of these careers will require the professional be capable of standing for extended periods, and sometimes assisting with patient transport and positioning. In a word, except for administrative or clerical positions, the health support practitioner should be in good physical shape. Most positions within healthcare support involve working in a hospital setting, clinic, or physician's office. Because of this variable hours can be expected with most jobs. In addition, certain positions will have flexible hours and may require shift work.

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