Chair Massage Career - Salary, Duties, & Job Information

Chair Massage Therapists Career Description

Chair massage careers are a viable option for therapists looking to build their office based business or as a stand-alone option. The most common place to find chair massage is either in a mall, at a kiosk, or out at events and corporate sites. The advantages of chair massage are obvious; low overhead, portability and good money.

Getting space in a mall is particularly profitable during holiday shopping seasons. Clients are literally walking by tired and sore from walking the mall. Chair massage careers in the mall can be run independently or as part of a group. It is generally better to get a few therapists together for this kind of approach otherwise you may have to turn away clients.

How to Become a Chair Masseuse

Another chair massage career involves going into businesses and providing short massages for staff. Corporate massage programs are taking off all over the country, and some businesses will hire you to come in to work on staff. Some companies will have employees will pay for the service, but arrange everything else. It is a good way to get your name out in the public eye if you want to build an office based business, and a chair is much more portable than a table.

Online educational opportunities exist to teach you both the business end of a chair massage career and the practical applications. Most states have licensing requirements, but they vary, and each school focuses its teaching hours on what they consider important. You may have plenty of experience with table massage but not know how to approach a career in chair massage.

How Much Does a Chair Masseuse Make - Chair Masseuse Salaries

Salary ranges and arrangements vary. If you are working for yourself at an event you set your own rates; a dollar a minute is typical. When working for someone else you might negotiate a percentage of the take or a flat fee. Your pay and conditions will depend on your level of experience and the amenities provided by the person who has hired you.

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