Dental Assistant Career - Salary Range, Duties, & Job Description

Dental Assistants Career Description

Dental Assistant careers have plenty of room for advancement. State regulations on dental assistant licensing vary so what one assistant may be licensed to do in one state, they would not be able to do in another. Some people who originally chose a career as a dental assistant go back to school to become hygienists or Dental Assistant Instructors. Some may opt to get special accreditations and certificates for their dental assistant’s license that will further enhance their dental assistant careers.

How to Become a Dental Assistant

Aside from the local community college and university venues of getting a dental assistant degree, there are many online opportunities to receive training as a dental assistant. More information about these institutions is available here, including contact information and cost for each program.

How Much Does a Dental Assistant Make - Dental Assistant Salaries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects that dental assistant careers will be remain steady in the job market beyond the year 2016. The expected job market growth through that year is projected at 29% - which is much higher than most industries. Dental assistants play a major role in maintaining the efficiency of every dental office. Dental assistants are responsible for performing a wide variety of tasks to ensure the dental office is efficient. Some of the tasks a dental assistant may perform are maintaining patient charts, processing x-rays, constructing crowns, cleanings and polishing, as well as scheduling appointments and surgeries. The typical work week is a 50/50 divide among dental assistants, with half of them working 35-40 hours and the other half working on a part-time basis. The average salary for dental assistants is about $31,000 annually, and is affected by region and location.

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