Infant Massage Career - Salary, Duties, & Job Information

Infant Massage Therapists Career Description

Dozens of cultures utilize infant massage creating a solid bond between parent and baby and providing an infant with improved physical and emotional health. Studies prove massage therapy on infants provides amazing health benefits. The University of Miami found that premature infants exposed to infant massage techniques gained upwards of 47 percent more weight than other preemies. Infant massage soothes babies suffering from troublesome symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal, as well as infants suffering from painful colic.

How to Become a Infant Masseuse

Infant massage careers require men and women to take specialized courses in massage techniques suitable to their delicate bodies. Accredited institutions like Ashworth College make it possible to gain a degree in massage therapy. From here, go for specialized training in infant massage with organizations like the International Association of Infant Massage or the International Loving Touch Foundation.

Workshops entitling people to gain their infant massage therapy certification for infant massage careers usually take no more than five days. It’s a fast-paced method for gaining a rewarding, profitable career. Typical workshops cover the history of this massage therapy. The work also covers techniques, methods and goals. After learning the basics, students work on dolls before working on healthy infants and then infants born prematurely or with health issues.

Other issues you will cover in a certification course for infant massage therapy includes teaching massage techniques to parents, setting up parent-infant workshops and helping form solid bonds between adults and infants.

The best part of infant massage training involves the affordability of many programs. Unlike college tuitions, infant massage certification generally costs less than $1,000. You have you certification in little time and go to work within months rather than years.

How Much Does a Infant Masseuse Make - Infant Masseuse Salaries

Specialized massage therapists are in high demand. Infant massage careers provide benefits to infants and a true sense of reward to the massage therapist. Salaries range from $29,477 to $66,323 per year. Working in a hospital setting, particularly with premature or addicted infants, leads to higher wages.

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