Medical Massage Career - Salary, Duties, & Job Information

Medical Massage Therapists Career Description

Medical massage careers offer a variety of choices for the professional massage therapist and body worker. Since pain is often caused by stress, massage therapy can be a wonderful asset in a medical setting. Many doctors employ massage therapists to enhance their patients healing experience, and to increase their sense of well-being while undergoing other medical treatments. Many patients who suffer injuries from accidents can also find medical massage to be a great benefit to their treatment protocol. Most insurance carriers now cover medical massage, making medical massage more attractive to the massage therapy professional.

How to Become a Medical Masseuse

Massage therapists who are newly licensed, as well as those who are well advanced in their experience can choose from several medical modalities associated with medical massage careers.

These options include, but are not limited to:

  • physical therapy rehab centers
  • hospitals
  • medical doctors’ offices
  • chiropractic settings
  • acupuncture settings
  • Holistic health centers
  • Alternative medical doctors

If your love of massage therapy intrigues you to investigate medical massage careers, you will find a rich and rewarding experience in helping those who hurt or have been injured, and need specified therapies to assist in their healing. Advanced training in neuromuscular therapy, hydrotherapy, cranial-sacral therapy, fascial-kinetic therapy, stretching techniques and good clinical record-keeping skills are necessary for those interested in medical massage careers.

How Much Does a Medical Masseuse Make - Medical Masseuse Salaries

Medical massage careers offer salary ranges from $10 an hour to $35 an hour, depending upon the experience and the facility in which one is employed. Newly licensed therapists earn valuable experience which will benefit them for higher pay in the future. Licensed Massage professionals who are looking to expand and implement their knowledge of anatomy and physiology will hone their skills, making their services more valuable.

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