Prenatal Masseuse - Salary, Duties, & Job Information

Prenatal Masseuse Career Description

If you are considering a prenatal massage career, you are contemplating a job where you will be able to help women during one of the most important and physically stressful times of their lives. During pregnancy, a woman is adjusting to hormonal changes, unequal weight distribution, stress, anticipation, pain, and joy. As a massage therapist specializing in a prenatal massage career, you will be able to help women through the difficult parts of pregnancy and help them enjoy the wonderful parts of pregnancy.

How to Become a Prenatal Masseuse

When specializing in a prenatal massage career, you will learn a variety of extremely valuable lessons. This will include the best positions for providing a comfortable massage for women during each stage of pregnancy, the correct amount of pressure to apply to pregnant women at various stage of pregnancy, specific areas of the body to avoid during prenatal massage, and how to provide women with massage that can aid some difficult aspects of pregnancy, such as pelvic pain, headaches, backaches, and sleeping difficulties.

If you are considering a career in prenatal massage, but are not sure that you have the time, online prenatal massage schools are currently in existence that allow you to further your education, specialize in this high demand area, and allow you flexibility with your already busy schedule. Through online education you will be able to continue working with your full-time job and/or raising your children while learning valuable information to become certified in this field. Online schools are becoming very popular for their ability to offer schedule flexibility, and most online schools are also very skilled in providing rich curricula and experiences for their students.

How Much Does a Parental Masseuse Make - Parental Masseuse Salaries

With a prenatal massage career, you will be able to earn a comfortable living. Massage therapists average an annual income of approximately $30,000 per year. With a specialization in prenatal massage, you stand to earn even more due to your ability to address the needs of this special population. If you choose to open your own business, you stand to make even more. With the current economy, a career in prenatal massage is a solid choice.

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