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Spa Therapists Career Description

Americans spend nearly three billion dollars each year on spa treatments, and demand for trained spa therapists’ constantly growing, spa therapy careers are some of the hottest jobs around. If you're looking to get started in this exciting field, there are a number of ways you can begin your training.

Most salons and spas will train people on the job, but a basic understanding of massage principles and specific training in disciplines such as shiatsu are required. Many schools across the country offer courses in massage therapy which run from four months to a year. Not only do these courses teach the essential basics, but they also offer hands on training that can be used on your resume later on.

How to Become a Spa Therapist

Online training exists for those wishing to start in the world of spa therapy or to continue their education. These courses typically cover the latest trends in spa therapy, including new products, wraps, and massage techniques. While all training to become a spa therapist can't be done online, these courses give therapists an edge in job searches over those with only traditional training.

Courses in spa therapy cover a wide range of subjects, including hydrotherapy, mud baths, body wraps, aromatherapy, nail technician work, and exfoliating scrubs. Some states require certification before spa therapists are allowed to practice some disciplines, but most spas will help their employees achieve this certification when necessary.

With excellent salary potential in this exciting field, it's no wonder so many people are looking into spa therapy careers. Begin your training today!

How Much Does a Spa Therapist Make - Spa Therapist Salaries

Salaries for spa therapists vary greatly depending on the number of hours worked, the prices charged for each service, and the level of tipping at the spa. However, the nationwide average for those in spa therapy careers is $52,590 per year, with part time therapists making an average of $12,385. For those working in the most exclusive salons with high tipping clientele, the annual salary can jump well above $70,000.

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