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In America there is a national healthcare crisis that is not being spoken about often in the news. All of the cost-reduction healthcare plans to provide services to more people are forgetting an important element to this equation; we have a healthcare worker shortage problem in progress from coast-to-coast and beyond. If trained healthcare professionals are not available to provide services to the American public, nobody cares what the price of these services really are.

There has never been a more exciting time to be considering a career in a healthcare profession in this country. Today, unlike all era’s in the past, a large amount of trained healthcare providers are needed to handle all current and upcoming population problems that are about to be putting great demands on all parts of the healthcare industry.

In America, and many other countries, there was a population explosion after World War II. This baby-boom generation that was born between 1940 and 1959 are all entering their retirement years and the point where a normal age-related expansion of healthcare services are needed.

With so many healthcare worker shortages already showing in this country for those with medical, dental, mental health, technological, IT support, senior care, pharmaceutical, healthcare education, or any other type of healthcare training, jobs are abundant everywhere today. When there is a shortage of workers in a labor force, employers must vie to attract employees into their midst to cover all staffing needs.

Key career employment positions are coming with perks, incentives, sign-on bonuses, free housing, cars, or other wonderful extras being offered by the recruiters who are desperately trying to find trained healthcare labor today. In the future, this situation can be magnified if enough workers are not found to fill all of the expanding industry needs.

Careers in healthcare carry with them today job security, rising pay-basis, complete benefit packages and the knowledge that the industry will need the people with higher trainings to be stepping into career advancement spots as they become available through baby-boom retirements and industry expansions.

There has been quite a discussion over where to find a ready-made trained healthcare industry labor force to meet the needs of all retiring baby-boomers. But, the sad news is that America is not in this labor shortage situation alone. There is a global need for people who possess healthcare trainings, certifications, and degrees in all areas of the industry, and this need is not expected to go away any time soon.

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