Audiologist Career - Salary, Duties & Job Information

Audiologists Career Description

Audiologists are medical professionals who treat and care for patients with hearing, balance and other related diseases. Diseases concerning hearing loss, auditory perception and problems with balance together with neural problems are their main focus. They assess the progression, analyze and provide the best possible treatment to reverse the disease process. With the use of audiometers and other testing devices they analyze the progression of the disease like extent of hearing loss or loss of balance related to diseases of the ear. An interpretation is then made with the best possible course of treatment determined.

Duties and Responsibilities

Audiologist duties include determining the best way of restoring a patients hearing through the use of hearing aids or surgical procedures such as cochlear implants. They also provide counseling to patients in helping them deal with progressive hearing loss and maintaining a normal life. Other Audiologist duties include dealing with research regarding hearing safety programs and study on congenital diseases concerning hearing loss or impairment. Audiologists also provide clinical services to patients directly recording disease progression, recording and discharging patients.

Work Environment

Audiologists work at a work desk or clinics and generally comfortable surroundings. It is not a physically demanding job it is more of analyzing and evaluation of the disease. They are not required in emergency cases thus their working hours are in the day shift.

How to become a Audiologist

Educational and Training

In the past, Audiologists were only required to have master’s Audiologist degrees and appropriate health care licenses. Recently, Audiologist qualifications include having at least a PhD in accredited universities to practice. A board certification may be acquired through the American Board of Audiology (ABA) and a certificate of clinical competence in Audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Common Audiologist courses in college include speech, language, swallowing, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and communication. Some Audiologist duties include being able to evaluate and treat speech problems, so people pursuing the career must have great Audiologist skills in listening and analysis. Other Audiologist skills include diagnostics and proper treatment analysis.

Employment Opportunities

There are numerous Audiologist opportunities available. Audiologist may specialize in care for the young and elderly. Special attention is given to the elderly since hearing loss is a normal occurrence. They are also present in industry as quality controllers of noise pollution. Some Audiologist opportunities are available in school clinics and have their own private practice.

How much does an Audiologist make - Audiologist Salary and Wages

Wages differ with respect to number of years in service, type of employer and location of practice such as city or state. For the Audiologist salary range for those with one year or less experience, the average income per year is in the $48,000 range. For those with one to four year experience their average income is $52,000 compared to Audiologist who has five to nine years’ experience whose salary is $55,000. For those with ten to nineteen year experiences their salary is around $60,000 annually. Finally, for Audiologists who have twenty or more years’ experience they earn around $65,000 per year.

Audiologists who practice in hospitals earn around government centers earn around $80,000 a year, they have the largest per year salary of all Audiologist. Those who practice at the university or schools comparatively have the lowest salaries pegged at the $48,000 per year range.

Location of practice as per city or state located also plays a major role in determining a Audiologist salary range. Those located in the Los Angeles area have the greatest income range at around $70,000 average compared to those located in the Houston area with $52,000 income per year.

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