Chiropractor Career - Salary, Duties & Job Information

Chiropractors Career Description

Chiropractors diagnose the different conditions people have that are associated with their muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. A chiropractor treats the conditions with non-surgical techniques and no drug treatments which is a “hands on” approach. This approach helps the body heal in a natural way. Most chiropractors treat using just their hands and others use instruments and hands both. A Chiropractor is a licensed medical doctor who finds medical solutions in the area of spinal realignment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Chiropractor duties are to assess their patients’ needs and administer the proper treatment. They need to have a desire for the career and be able to work long hours to become licensed as part of their Chiropractor qualifications. Chiropractors work on the bones of the spine to readjust it back and put it in place. Chiropractor duties then involve treating the back, and easing the pain and stress the patient is having.

Work Environment

A Chiropractor works at an office in a more relaxing setting. They work in private sectors and in offices run by qualified Chiropractor. Some choose to work in the offices of physicians, though most like to work on their own. There are also some Chiropractors that are working in the health care programs of different hospitals. The Chiropractors will work on patients that are sent to them from the hospitals. Chiropractors work on their feet but can also be found sitting at a desk.

Employment Opportunities

There is a great amount of Chiropractor opportunities right now because many people believe and trust in alternative health as treatment for their medical conditions. People are living longer these days, and it is putting more stress on all healthcare in general. Another reason for the increase in Chiropractor opportunities is that many people experience very stressful lifestyles. Chiropractic health is often recommended for people who experience a lot or stress and tension related pain. Chiropractors may pick to open their own practice, or work along with other Chiropractors. They may also choose to work in health care for hospitals.

How much does a Chiropractor make - Chiropractor Salary and Wages

The Chiropractor salary range depends a lot on experience. Those newly entering the field don't make much, but the opportunities expand quite nicely with continued practice. The Chiropractor salary range of a person just entering the career is between $40,000 and $60,000, while those who have practiced between five and 20 years will make between $45,000 and $100,000, increasing of course over time. Those with 20 years’ experience or more can see Chiropractor salary ranges reaching up to $120,000.

Bonuses for Chiropractors are somewhat modest, but they are still existent. Most people within the first four years of practice will receive $2,000 worth of bonuses annually. Those between five and twenty years of experience see around $6,000 worth of bonuses, and in the years after 20, that number drops back to $2,000.

How to become a Chiropractor

Educational and Training

To practice in the field, one needs to obtain a college Chiropractor degree. Concentration should be in science Chiropractor courses such as biology, chemistry and psychics. Two years of college was the requirement in the past but now it has changed. People should apply to any of the many Chiropractic colleges that are credited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. These colleges may often allow students to take exams for licensure a year earlier than other schools. Be aware that some states require additional exams to pass Chiropractor qualifications.

Those involved in this career should plan on taking many more ongoing education classes every year to maintain their Chiropractor license. Those who are want to concentrate on a specialty, such as sports injuries, orthopedics or neurology, will need additional training.

Other Qualifications and Skills

There are two different kinds of examinations that are taken for a chiropractic student for practice. One of the exams is conducted by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. The other exam is called a licensure and it is conducted at the state level. A few states require a practical exam. A chiropractor also has to take the Chiropractic Oath, and they must follow and believe in it. Becoming a chiropractor does require a great deal of work and dedication. For those have good Chiropractor skills and enjoy learning how to aide people in a healthier way without the use of surgeries and drugs, then this career would be a fulfilling one.

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