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Herbalism Therapist Career Description

Herbalism, also called herbal therapy or herbal medicine, is the practice of using plants and herbs to treat and prevent ailments and promote overall health and wellness. This alternative medicine discipline is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world and has been used for thousands of years. Herbalists, or herbal medicine practitioners, consult with clients on the use of medicinal herbs, create herbal remedies, and often grow their own herbs or harvest wild crafted herbs and medicinal plants for use in their practice.

There are no state or federal regulations governing the discipline of herbalism; however, self-employed herbalists will need to adhere to regulations set forth for owning and running a business in their state and local jurisdiction. Herbalists that grow herbs or create herbal products for their clients will need to become familiar with federal, state and local food handling laws. Herbalists will also need to clearly understand their state’s regulations and limits on practicing this type of healing modality outside of the practice of medicine, as defined by their state. Although herbalism does not require certification or licensure, most herbalists choose to become certified through an online or on-campus herbal school and to join professional organizations for practitioners practicing herbal medicine.

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