Nurse Educator Career - Salary, Duties & Job Information

Nurse Educators Career Description

As the need for highly skilled nurses continues to increase, the demand for nurse educators will rise accordingly. There is currently a shortage of nurse educators in the U.S., which makes becoming a nurse educator an exceptional, in-demand career choice for registered nurses that will increase their earning potential and employment opportunities in the growing field of nursing.

Nurse educators provide nursing education to future and current registered nurses, plan and implement curriculum, design nursing education programs, and train nurses in both classroom and clinical settings. Nurse educators work as nursing faculty, associate deans and deans in nursing education programs found in hospitals, universities, vocational schools, community colleges, and nursing schools.

How to Become a Nurse Educator

Prospective nurse educators looking to enter master- or doctoral-level nurse educator degree programs will need to have a current registered nursing license and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Some programs will also require a minimum GPA (grade point average) and a period of experience in specific areas of the nursing field.

How Much Does a Nurse Educator Make - Nurse Educator Salaries

The salary for a Nurse Educator with 5 years experience is $61,000 annually, depending on your experience, level of education, geographical location and the type of facility you’re employed in.

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