Oncology Nursing Career - Salary, Duties, & Oncology Nurse Information

Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialists Career Description

An Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) works with patients who have cancer, or are recovering from cancer, and their families to improve their health, wellness, prognosis and quality of life. Oncology clinical nurse specialists provide a broad range of care and services to patients with cancer, work with other health care professionals to plan and implement treatments, administer chemotherapy, assist patients in managing symptoms and coordinate patient care.

How to Become a Oncology Nurse

Registered nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and wish to further their education and specialize in advanced oncology nursing should consider graduate level programs that prepare them to become an oncology clinical nurse specialist. Obtaining a graduate degree and acquiring advanced nursing skills will increase your earning potential, expand your employment opportunities and improve your marketability in the growing field of nursing.

How Much Does a Oncology Nurse Make - Oncology Nurse Salaries

The salary for an Oncology CNS with 5 years experience is $78,120 annually, depending on your experience, level of education, geographical location and the type of facility you’re employed in.

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