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Pathologists Career Description

Pathologists are doctors who study the causes and development of diseases in life forms; plants or animals, through the study of organs, tissues, body fluids (known as biopsy) and the whole body (autopsy). Most of them particularly find their concentration on genetics or forensic pathology. Other possible Pathologist specializations include Anatomical Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Veterinary Pathology, and Plan Pathology.

Duties and Responsibilities

One of the main Pathologist duties is to examine the patients’ blood and look for the cause of the abnormalities in their bodies. They examine tissue samples in cases of surgery. Through the conduct of tests and diagnoses, they also provide information to the medical team to identify the causes of illness and begin treatment of the patient. For forensic pathologists, they also study the dead corpses to also determine the causes of death. With their ability to look into genes they can also find the causes of environmental changes or problems of specie generation.

Work Environment

Pathologists work in medical laboratories and hospitals. Since most of their work concerns about study and investigation, they are also found in medical schools and universities. They also work in private, government and non-government organizations. Their specialization could also bring them to various work environments. Plant Pathologists may work in greenhouses, forests, or any vegetated areas. Animal Pathologists could be found in animal sanctuaries and laboratories. Forensic pathologists work closely with law enforcement, hospitals and morgues.

Employment Opportunities

Pharmaceuticals and other industrial laboratories employ pathologists for the production of drugs and insecticides. Government agencies concerned about public health, plant, environment, agriculture law enforcement and other fields also have a lot of Pathologist opportunities.

How much does a Pathologist make - Pathologist Salary and Wages

In 2008, Modern Healthcare reported that the Pathologist salary range fell between $239,000 and $331,842. From their salaries they earn $55,000-$140,000 a year during the first year of practice. Those in their fifth to ninth year, earn between $139,057 to $246,252. However, they experience a plateau when they reach the tenth year and on.

The bonuses may not be as much as the other doctors. For beginners they get around $1,017. Those who are in their tenth year and on could get as much as $15,000. However, they get longer vacations compared to the other doctors in the industry. On the average, the pathologist can have more than three weeks in vacation annually.

How to become a Pathologist

Educational and Training

Extensive study and training is required to become a pathologist. Four year college Pathologist courses in natural science, particularly premedical in nature such as biology and chemistry, are needed. To become a specialist advance, training towards a doctoral degree on botany, zoology, pathology and the like is required. Medical pathologists are required a Pathologist degree in Medicine and license as a Medical Doctor. A candidate for the profession has an estimate of twelve years of training to be able to be recognized as a pathologist.

Other Qualifications and Skills

Analytical, investigative and communication Pathologist skills are basic necessities in the career. He or she must have an eye for detail and ability to work on extensive research. The reports that a Pathologist make should reflect quality findings and conclusions that could help doctors determine treatment of patients.

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