Psychiatrist Career - Salary, Duties & Job Information

Psychiatrists Career Description

Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the field of psychiatry and certified for treating mental disorders. They are among one of the only few medical professionals allowed by law to prescribe drugs. They use biomedical approaches in treating mental illnesses, using both medical science and traditional ways like psychotherapy employed by psychologists.

Duties and Responsibilities

Psychiatrists undergo extensive training in the medical, social and psychological components of emotional, mental and behavioral disorders. Psychiatrist duties are to order diagnostic tests, give out medication prescription, conduct psychotherapy and help patients and their families cope with stress and crises. Often confused with psychologists, psychiatrists are physicians with a Medical Degree. One difference is that are allowed by law to prescribe drugs, and psychologist are not limiting their treatments to psychotherapy. Psychologists do not practice surgery for treatment. A psychiatrist is an individual who possesses all around medical and psychological competency who has Psychiatrist skills needed to target illnesses with a more versatile medical program.

Work Environment

Psychiatrist opportunities are usually found in hospitals dealing with families of patients and helping patients recover or undergoing treatment. Medical tests are also conducted for patients who are believed to experiencing mental disorders. Private practice is also conducted in clinics.

Employment Opportunities

There are numerous Psychiatrist opportunities for people who want to pursue this career. Jobs in hospitals or mental hospitals continue to grow. Drug addiction and alcohol dependency continue to plague society, creating more need for Psychiatrists. Trauma and stress related to surgery and the onset of disease requires medical personnel to target this medical problems. Employment in schools and universities as psychology instructors are also very profitable and are great areas to find Psychiatrist opportunities.

How much does a Psychiatrist make - Psychiatrist Salary and Wages

Psychiatrist salary ranges may vary with respect to their number of years in experience. For those with one year experience or less their income starts at $120,000 per annum. Those in the one year to four years experience have $130,000 and $160,000 income is average for five to nine year veterans. The normal Psychiatrist salary range for one who is at the ten year to nineteen year practitioner level is at $160,000 and finally for those who have twenty or more years experience is at the $170,000 level.

Psychiatrist salary ranges may also vary with respect to your cities location. Those located in upscale cities like New York or California have higher salaries compared to psychiatrist located in towns or small cities. Where a psychiatrist practices also affects his salary, those practicing privately have lower numbers compared to those located in hospitals or universities.

How to become a Psychiatrist

Educational and Training

A four year pre-med degree is required in the field of science. This in turn would be the pre requisite for a degree in the Doctor of Medicine. Only physicians who have been certified with a Psychiatrist degree are allowed to practice as psychiatric residents for four years. This facilitates training for diagnosis, pharmacology and psychotherapy. Proficiency in cognitive, behavioral, brief, psychodynamic and supportive psychotherapy is required in the United States. Four post-graduate months of internal medicine and pediatrics with two months of neurology is taken during their first year. Written and oral board examinations are then taken for certification. An eight year post-baccalaureate study is normal for United States psychiatrists. Common Psychiatrist courses are focused on the sciences, including biology, physics, and chemistry.

There are many fields of specialization in Psychiatry. It is usually achieved through continuing education and through years of practice in the specific field. One example is in the field of pediatric psychiatry. Special Psychiatrist courses on child psychology and child department and residency in the pediatric department qualify a person as a pediatric psychiatrist.

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