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Stone Massage Therapist Career Description

Stone therapy is a form of bodywork using hot stones, cold stones or healing stones and crystals. Stone therapy practitioners use a combination of warm and cold stones to increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation and healing. Healing stones and crystals can also be used to align the chakras and balance the body’s energy system, improving energy flow and removing blockages. Some stone therapy practitioners also use aromatherapy and other massage techniques to enhance stone therapy sessions. Stone therapy can also be used by other health care practitioners, such as physical therapists, chiropractors and energy healers.

Stone therapy is most often used in massage therapy practices and will fall under massage therapy licensing laws and regulations in your state or local jurisdiction. Most states require massage therapists to obtain at least 500 hours of training and education through an approved massage therapy program. Stone therapy certification can be accomplished relatively easily through short in-person classes or online courses, which allows massage therapists and other holistic health care practitioners to incorporate this healing modality into their practice.

If you would like to learn more about stone therapy and how to incorporate it into your current practice, or would like to take the next step towards starting your own private practice, look through the comprehensive list of stone therapy schools listed below to find the stone therapy training program that is right for you.

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