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Surgeons Career Description

The term Surgeon is derived from the Greek word “cheirourgia” meaning to work with the hands or the practice of a handicraft. A Surgeon is described as one who treats a disease or illness through operative methods. It is usually with invasive procedures or through cutting or exposing internal organs through surgery. Nowadays surgery his being done through non-invasive procedures such as through the use of scopes or lasers.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Surgeon

Surgeons, like physicians, also diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatment or give medications for patients with diseases. Surgeon duties include conducting examinations, obtaining medical histories and performing diagnostic tests. Surgeons are often referred to as the captain in the operating room because they supervise the actions of the surgical team orchestrating their responsibilities and generally are responsible for the outcome of the surgery. Treatment of the patient's disease is mainly done through gaining access to the patients body by making incisions in order to correct, repair or treat disease.

Work Environment of a Surgeon

Surgeons work long and irregular hours. Complex operations may take as much as 12 hours to complete. Surgeons are often on call, attending to emergency cases and should be available 24 hours a day. Surgeons maintain small clinics but the bulk of their work is located in the operating room table. They often operate with a medical team in operations.

Educational Requirement for a Surgeon

It takes around eight years of education beyond high school to become a physician. This includes getting a Bachelor’s degree in a pre medical course before going on a Medical Surgeon degree. An additional three years to eight years of internship is required after finishing the physician’s course. Most Surgeon courses include biology, chemistry, most of the sciences, mathematic, and communication. And assortment of those type of classes are needed to pass Surgeon qualifications.

The minimum educational requirement required for entry in medical schools is three years of college. There are around 150 medical schools located in the United States and require a Bachelor’s degree to be considered. To be a physician is highly competitive and an entrance exam called the Medical College Admission Test is taken to be considered an applicant for medical school.

Surgeons are highly skilled physicians who have undergone continuing studies in their desired fields of practice. To be a specialized surgeon, for example a neurosurgeon, a physician must undergo extensive training and education and certification.

Employment Opportunities for a Surgeon

Surgeons are one of the best paid health professionals. Surgeon opportunities are available in specialty hospitals and are the highest ranking staff. Surgeon opportunities are everywhere now with the need for additional surgeons rising. Surgeons from other countries have started to work in the US as a result of this shortage. Surgeons can be located wherever medical procedures requiring surgery is required. There are Surgeon opportunities in both private practice and the federal government for example the military. They could also be found in the highly profitable business of cosmetic surgery with millions to be made yearly.

How Much Does a Surgeon Make - Surgeon Salary and Wages

Surgeons are the highest paid medical professionals with income of the hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. Comparative earnings by way of years experience show that surgeons with less than one year experience earn $180,000 a year. Surgeons who have one to four years of experience earn $200,000 and those with five to nine year experiences have $240,000 as yearly income. Surgeons with 10 years experience or more earn at least $280,000 per annum. A Surgeon salary range also depends on their branch of medicine. General surgeons earn around $200,000 compared to orthopedic surgeons who earn $250,000 a year. Heart and Neurosurgeons are the highest paid with over $300,000 a year as income. Oral surgeons on the other hand only earn around $190,000 making them one of the lowest paid surgeons.

Surgeons who practice in private hospitals also have huge differences in salary compared to surgeons who work for government hospitals and agencies. Recent surveys show that those in the private sector earn around $250,000 a year on average compared to government surgeons who are only in the $180,000 Surgeon salary range.

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