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Veterinarians Career Description

Who Is a Veterinarian?

Veterinarians are the counterparts of physicians in the animal world. They also have all the functions and duties of physicians but they deal with animals. They treat diseases concerning animals and plan a course of treatment. They also are legally authorized to give prescriptions.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Veterinarian

Cats and dogs and other domesticated animals or pets are the veterinarian’s main patients. A veterinarian's main duty is to take care for the well being of animals. Veterinarian also conducts blood tests and x-rays similar to those performed on humans. They are also capable of performing surgeries on animals. Veterinarian duties also include acting as educators to pet owners regarding proper grooming and diet. They also perform similar surgeries on animals such as removal of tumors or fix broken bones and fractures. Veterinarian duties also involve doing vaccinations and other preventive treatment such as rabies protection. They also facilitate breeding and do caesarian operations to facilitate animal birth.

Work Environment of a Veterinarian

Veterinarians work on farms as consultants and play hands on role in their care. Proper diet and monitoring for the outbreak of disease in animal farms are jobs performed by veterinarians. They are also medical personnel at zoos and make decisions regarding their care. They could also be located in a sports environment like horse or dog racing. Veterinarians make sure the animals are at their topmost shape for enhanced performance.

How to become a Veterinarian?

A degree in doctor of veterinary medicine is required for one to practice as a veterinarian. It could only be achieved through study at an accredited university with a course in veterinary medicine. The most common veterinarian courses include biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics, animal nutrition, zoology, and many other animal related courses. Veterinarian skills are often associated with the subjects in those courses, including proper care and treatment of animals, as well diagnostic abilities and good intuitions. All states require veterinarians possess a license in order to practice their craft. It is usually a four or eight year educational course with an individual getting a Bachelor or Doctorate Veterinarian Degree. State and National board exams are taken for them to practice. There is also an option wherein students can apply for study abroad but they should take board and license exams upon practice in the United States. Entry into the schools involve veterinarian qualifications of passing the GRE, MCAT and VCAT exams.

Career Prospects For a Veterinarian

There are a lot of veterinarian opportunities out there. There is a lack of veterinarians in the animal industry. Veterinarian opportunities could be found mainly in clinics doing pet care for homeowners. They can also be found in farms providing care for domesticated animals. Some Veterinarian opportunities are available in sports environments where animals are involved. Veterinarians in sports earn a good living. Agricultural veterinary is growing because of the lack in numbers of professional providers for such care.

How Much Does A Veterinarian Make - Veterinarian Salary and Wages

There are only minor salary differences among veterinarians, whether they are located in private practice or government service. The only really noticeable difference is in terms of service or years of experience. Veterinarians who only have one year of experience show an income of $55,000 a year compared to one with one who has one to four years of experience who has $60,000 for their annual income. Veterinarians who have five to nine years experience have $65,000 as annual salaries and those with ten to nineteen years experience get $70,000 as salary. Veterinarians with more than twenty years experience have the biggest salaries in the $75,000 veterinarian salary range.

Comparatively, veterinarians located in the New York state area are the highest paid. Figures show that veterinarians in the New York area in the California or Boston areas. Veterinarians who practice their craft through agricultural and sports also show a big difference with others in government practice or with private clinics.

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