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Agency and Community Counselors Career Description

Many people consider pursuing a career as a counselor, and envision themselves working in a plush office, with their own personal secretary. However, many professional counselors and therapists work in agency/community counseling careers in far less luxurious surroundings, with one secretary shared among a dozen or more employees. These community counseling agencies fill a critical need by providing services to persons who have a great need for intervention at low or no-cost.

Community counseling agencies can be run by the local or state government, or by private companies, which are usually non-profit. Some community counseling agencies provide services to a wide range of age groups, as well as a variety of issues. However, many community agencies are more specialized, and only work with children, or adults, and other agencies focus only on substance abuse treatment. Most of these community counseling agencies offer a sliding scale fee for consumers who have little ability to pay for services. In those community agencies that provide court ordered services, such as DUI classes and domestic violence counseling, participants are made by the court to pay a set amount of money for these services. Many community agencies, particularly those that are run by the government, accept Medicaid as a form of payment. Some community agencies accept some forms of health insurance as a reimbursement for services that are provided. Various forms of financial support, such as fundraising and grants often fill in the gap between what clients can afford to pay, and what it takes to operate the agency. An agency/community counseling career can be a short stop on the way to a more upscale private practice, but many counselors make their careers in community counseling, and can end up as higher level administrators.

How to Become a Community and Agency Counselor

Agency/Community counseling careers can be rewarding for those who are willing to undertake the challenges that come with working with persons who often have a wide variety of psychological, financial, and social issues to contend with.

How Much Does a Community and Agency Counselor Make - Community and Agency Counselor Salaries

As with any career Agency and Community Counseling salaries are dependent upon location, region and experience. But a Agency and Community Counselor can expect to make between $26,000 and $45,000 annually.

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