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Forensic Psychologists Career Description

A career in forensic psychology is a very rewarding and fascinating career. This often conjures up images of "CSI" and "BONES" television episodes, largely due to the confusion of forensic psychology with forensic science. Though similar, they do have major differences. A career in forensic psychology focuses on psychology as it is applied to the criminal justice system.

A forensic psychologist will often deal directly with certain legal issues like the creation of new laws, revisions of existing laws and various public policies. They will also lend their education and experience in cases of insanity pleas and varying aspects and levels of criminal intent, as well as dealing with mentally ill criminals and issues of competency for standing trial. These are just a few topics, the field of forensic psychology is as broad as it is exciting.

How to Become a Forensic Psychologist

As with any career choice, the foundation is your education. Some core studies recommended for a forensic psychology career are: criminal psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology to name a few. There are several forensic psychology degree programs available online. These online programs are extremely flexible, and make an ideal choice for busy professionals seeking a career change or even stay at home moms wanting to start a new career. There are so many choices out there, you can easily find one that is the best fit for your particular situation.

How Much Does a Forensic Psychologist Make - Forensic Psychologist Salaries and Wages

The general salary range for a forensic psychologist is around $45,000 to $80,000 and more per year. This is, of course, directly dependent on education and experience. Those with experience in the criminal justice system or a degree in criminal justice will always surpass other applicants for a given position, and the same is true of psychology experience or a psychology degree. There are also large differences in salary ranges for different areas of expertise.

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