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Sports Psychologists Career Description

Sports psychology deals primarily with exploring how psychology can be used to improve achievement and performance, and how sports can improve a person's overall sense of health and mental well-being. Within these two broad generalities lie hundreds of different sports psychology careers that deal with everyone from professional athletes to troubled teens.

There are exceptions to this rule, as some sports psychologists working with professional athletes can expect to make upwards of a million dollars a year. This is not the general rule, but an exception to the rule, and most sports psychologists can expect a generous but not lavish salary.

How to Become a Sports Psychologist - Training and Placement

Students wishing to obtain sports psychology careers can study at a number of universities. You may be wise to speak with a counselor prior to enrollment, to discern which specific career and course of study you wish to pursue. Sports psychology is a specialized field and the more accurately you can pinpoint your place in the big picture, the more fruitful your studies will be.

Online universities are also enrolling students that are interested in sports psychology programs. These institutions of higher learning are great for men and women that need a great deal of flexibility in their class schedule. While the academic standards of online universities are high, students have more freedom in the hours they wish to study because class meetings are not scheduled on a weekly basis.

Upon graduating for a sports psychology program, many schools will help to set you up with an internship in the career of your choice. While many of these internships are unpaid, they give you a foot in the door to a competitive industry. Many capable interns go on to become staff members for the company in which they did their internship. Make sure you chose an internship that fits into the specific discipline of sports psychology you wish to pursue, in order to make long lasting and mutually beneficial contacts during your studies and internship.

How Much Does a Sports Psychologist Make - Sports Psychologist Salaries and Wages

Before deciding upon any one of many sports psychology careers, you may be wise to consider the different salaries you can expect make. The career you chose, along with the level of schooling you complete, all factor in to how much you can expect to make in sports psychology. The U.S. Department of labor speculates that most sports psychologists bring in between $41,850 and $71,880.

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