Administrative Assistants and Secretaries Careers - Salary & Duties

Executive Administrative Assistants and Secretaries Career Description

A good administration assistant or secretary will be skilled at diarizing work to suit a busy schedule, able to organize travel itineraries and research competitive pricing and be adept at producing a large output of written work on behalf of an immediate manager or department. Part of an Administrator or Secretary duties includes exercising a measure of charm and hospitality to visitors and resenting a good impression on behalf of the company while entertaining clients on behalf of managers. A good telephone manner and general neat appearance are usually a prerequisite to getting a good job as a secretarial or administrative assistant. Being able to communicate effectively at any level and possessing an understanding of basic protocol are also Administrator and Secretary skills that may be useful in a role where constant exposure to company clients might be a daily occurrence. The advantage of learning a job at secretarial level is that administrative systems are mastered efficiently before moving up to a managerial role. Many departmental managers and heads of department started as an administrative assistant or secretary and climbed the ladder from there.

Work Environment

Work environments for this group tend to be clean and comfortable and improve as the individual moves up the corporate ladder. Very senior secretaries and administrative assistant tend to be given the responsibility of office management and also staff supervision of juniors. They work in higher-end offices with good views, nice furniture, and a vast space to work in. Almost all members of this career work behind a desk for most of the day.

Employment Opportunities

Administrator and Secretary opportunities are available in all sectors, and in a competitive market there is always room for one more first class organizer. Thus jobs are always available. Although the job was traditionally carried out by women, many men are now qualifying as secretarial and administrative assistants and the job is popular as a career choice straight from High School as it does not require a college degree to enter at ground level. The popular saying is that a good boss is as good as his secretary, and it is true that many efficient secretaries and administrative assistants are relied upon by their bosses.

How much does a Administrator or Secretary make - Administrator and Secretary Salary and Wages

The Administrator and Secretary salary range will vary based on the field that they assist in and the years of expereince that the person has in the field. Most secretaries make between $30,000 and $40,000 annually. Within years 5-9 of the career, most people see an Administrator and Secretary salary range between $35,000 and $53,000. Beyond that, most members of the field hit a peak salary around $60,000. Bonuses for the career are typically less than $1,600 a year, with the most being earned in the years beyond 20.

How to become an Administrator and Secretary

Educational and Training

As a rule, Administrator and Secretary Qualifications require a High School Diploma as minimum and a college degree in business will result in a higher remuneration, as will the ability to read, write and converse in several languages. Bi-lingual and even tri-lingual secretarial services are in demand, especially when accompanied by a college certification. Common Administrator and Secretary in college are typically revolved around English and business courses, including courses in typing, short hand, basic organization skills, and overall business courses.

Many competent secretaries move on to become efficient line managers as a direct result of picking up skills from senior management and learning the job by an applied ‘hands-on’ method rather than through formal training. However, secretaries and administrative assistant courses are available in colleges and also within private business schools and those who acquire appropriate certification tend to command a better salary level.

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