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Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents and Travel Clerks Career Description

Duties and Responsibilities of a Ticket Agent

Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk duties are varied, as this job requires a great deal of work that entails customer-facing situations; as such, there is a call for people with excellent communication and social skills, especially since they are often required to deal with difficult passengers or travel operators. Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk skills typically include computerized data entry and good customer relation skills. For those expecting to work on busy airport concourses or in train stations or depots, clear speech and diction is an asset. Additionally, the ability to master a number of languages will always be a bonus in this particular line of work.

Work Environment of a Reservation Ticket Agent

The working environment of a Reservation Ticket Agent can be comfortable if the job is based in a travel agent’s office or at a travel desk within an airline office at an airport. It can be considerably less enjoyable if the person is required to work shifts at a busy and draughty train station or bus depot in the midst of rush hour noise.

Employment Opportunities for a Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk

Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk opportunities are many and varied. Some airline ticketing employees are entitled to travel at a fraction of the cost of a full-price fare; consequently, for those who enjoy traveling and are likely to take full advantage of the travel concessions offered, the package can be even more attractive. There is ample opportunity for advancement, as Travel Clerks and Reservation Ticket Agents tend to progress to become line managers in travel agents, senior booking agents or independent travel agents who are self employed. As many travel bureaus and tour operators operate an exclusive system, it is common for a Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk to be promoted within the organization from entry level right up to senior management and boardroom status.

How Much Does a Transportation Ticket Agent or a Travel Clerk Make

The Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk salary range is varied, with people in the field typically earning between $29,000 and $45,000 annually. In addition, significant travel discounts are provided as part of the salary package, and sometimes the discount will also extend to immediate family members. Personnel who learn through the ranks are of particular value in an industry where an in-depth knowledge of existing systems is imperative in order to implement effective change, and they are rewarded accordingly. Additionally, an ability to speak a second or even third language fluently will draw a bigger remuneration. Median per-hour wage based on years of experience breaks down as follows: 1-4 years, $9.26-$12.79 ($489.36 annual bonus); 5-9 years, $10.11-$14.89 ($750 annual bonus); 10-19 years, $12.01-$18.35 ($400 annual bonus); 20+ years, $13.73-$21.24 ($750 annual bonus).

How to Become a Travel Agent - Education and Training

Specialized Reservations and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk qualifications are few and informal, although a candidate with a high school diploma or equivalent is likely to be given preference over a person without any certification. There are no particular prerequisite Reservations and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk courses, although usually a newcomer will receive on-the-job training by someone already doing the job and graded appropriately until such time as the candidate is considered proficient enough to operate alone. Data entry and typing skills are helpful, and someone with who has taken basic computing courses would have an advantage. Job prospects might be greatly improved by sitting for industry and travel insurance-related examinations to gain accreditation for advancement. Although Reservations and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk degrees do not exist, further education like a college degree in a leisure industry-related subject is desirable for people who progress in the field and climb the corporate ladder.

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