Esthetician Career - Salary, Duties & Job Information

Esthetician Career Description

Those with a passion for beauty, skin care, or cosmetology should explore the world of esthetician careers. Estheticians work in spas, salons, and some even advance to specialized jobs at medical centers. Most esthetician careers involve beauty or spa treatments for skin and nails, and estheticians treat, educate, and pamper clients who want to improve the appearance and health of skin. Treatments involve the application of skin care products, masks, peels, and makeup application. Medical estheticians assist physicians with chemical and laser treatments to repair skin that was damaged by injury or disease, and improve the appearance of aging skin.

How to Become an Esthetician

In the past, students interested in esthetician careers were limited to receiving education at cosmetology schools, but technology has afforded esthetician candidates with a new option: online education. Now future estheticians can gain much of the required knowledge needed in the comfort of their homes, at a computer terminal at the local library, or anywhere a laptop can get a wireless signal. Some students use online education as a means of acquiring the information needed to obtain a license, and some seasoned estheticians use online education to stay abreast of new techniques and innovative discoveries to obtain continuing education credits.

How Much Does an Esthetician Make – Salaries and Wages

The salaries for various esthetician careers vary greatly, based on location and specialization. Entry level estheticians can expect to earn anywhere from $10.00 an hour to $40,000/yr. It all depends on area, education level, and specialization. The real beauty of a career in esthetics is the ability of an esthetician to create their own opportunities and advance with an increased level of education. It is a career that can begin after a brief stint in an academic program, but allows the esthetic worker to continue their education with a parallel increase in salary. One can begin in an entry level position at a beauty salon and move to a job working as a medical esthetician at a surgery center with more education. The possibilities are wide open.

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