Film and Theater Hair Specialist Career - Salary, Duties & Job Info

Film and Theater Hair Specialists Career Description

A career as a Film and Theater Hair Specialist is a great career for those who are really interested in hair, especially hair from specific historical periods. It is a highly specialized career which requires that one undergo a lot of training. A degree in cutting hair from a notable beauty school is a must, but so is lots of experience in cutting and shaping hair, especially the construction and use of wigs. After all, actors cannot always grow their hair to meet a part, and so they must by necessity wear wigs.

How to Become a Film and Theater Hair Specialist

A person looking to break into this industry should work to build up as much experience as they can get, preferably by starting out with small theater companies and doing the best job they can. The Film and Theater Hair Specialist industry is built entirely on reputation and word of mouth, and it is important that such hair stylists find as much work as they can so that they can build up a good reputation with as many good references as possible. It's a hard industry, and so every opportunity for work must be taken.

The hardest part of the Film and Theater Hair Specialist job is making good wigs, and so those who want to stand out should seek to find training in how to build good wigs, especially out of cut human hair. Wigs are an essential part of modern acting (especially Shakespeare's plays) and the use of wigs also allows actors to forgo dying or cutting their hair just to play a role. This is key if an actor is playing several roles or practicing for several plays at a time, and so a specialist who can make many sorts of wigs is thus extremely valuable and thus more likely to be hired and more likely to be well paid.

How Much Does a Film and Theater Hair Specialist Make – Salaries and Wages

A good Film and Theater Hair Specialist can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year when working for a professional Hollywood agency, however most persons (especially those just starting out) should expect to earn minimum wage or slightly more. This is especially true for those who are working with small local theaters and productions.

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