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Border Patrol Officers Career Description

Border Patrol agent careers are an important function of our national security. Border Patrol agents perform a variety of functions but essentially provide the front-line defense of our nation’s borders. Agents regulate the inflow of illegal drugs, confiscate contraband, and preventing the inflow of illegal aliens. With increased Department of Homeland Security dollars being dedicated to securing these goals, this is a great time to consider becoming a Border Patrol agent.

How to Become a Border Patrol Agent

Most agents that have entered the field are stationed at a border post that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic between the United States and Canada and Mexico. Other agents patrol to intercept illegal activities occurring off the roadways. The action can sometimes be exciting as agents become involved with smugglers in high speed pursuits and foot chases. The Border Patrol hires qualified applicants who are then sent to the agency academy. Those that speak, read and write Spanish fluently have a much greater chance of being hired. The Border Patrol is interested in hiring college graduates who have demonstrated an intellectual prowess that will be required on the job. The laws that agents must daily apply are complicated. People skills are also a requirement because dealing with both legal and illegal aliens and residents of the United States is how agents spend most of their time. College degrees should be from accredited institutions of higher learning. Both Associates and Bachelors degrees are highly desirable. Online college degrees provide the opportunity to study at home rather than in the traditional classroom setting, and as long as the college is fully accredited, the degree is as valid as any degree offered by a state university, community college, or technical training school.

How Much Does a Border Patrol Make - Border Patrol Salaries

Border Patrol agents can expect to make more than $30,000 annually to start. As their career progresses, salaries can nearly double. Regular pay raises are received along with excellent federal health care and other benefits such as vacation and sick time.

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