Criminal Profiler Career Information, Criminal Profiler Salary Information

Criminal Profiler Career Description

A criminal profiler is a person who uses looks at the nature of a crime committed and the method used to commit the crime to put together a psychological profile that helps identify the criminal. Other terms used to describe this include offender profiling and criminal personality profiling. Those interested in criminal profiler careers will need to earn a doctorate in clinical, counseling or criminal psychology.

It takes approximately 5 to 7 years to obtain one of these degrees. In addition, a person wishing to specialize in criminal profiling will probably have to take a post-graduate fellowship.

How to Become a Criminal Profiler

As a psychologist, one would have to comply with state licensing requirements, including passing a state certification exam. In addition to a doctorate in psychology, a person interested in a criminal profile career will probably also need a degree in criminal justice. Investigative experience is also a plus.

Online Courses for Criminal Profiling

If one wishes to obtain part of their education via online courses, there are several sites available. When considering an online course as a part of pursuing a criminal profiler career make sure that it is counted as college credit, since states require that psychologists hold a master's or doctorate degree from an accredited university. There are some things that will prevent a person from becoming a criminal profiler - being convicted of a felony or drug use will disqualify one from taking a job in the criminal justice system.

Those pursuing criminal profiler careers need to understand that the number of jobs available in this area are limited. They also should do careful research on the subject, since the portrayal of criminal profilers on television shows is often inaccurate.

How Much Does a Criminal Profiler Make - Criminal Profiler Salaries

Salaries for a criminal profiler are generally in the $55,000 - $60,000* range. This of course depends on location, experience, and benefits offered. Source:

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