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Deputy United States Marshal Career Description

A Deputy U.S. Marshall career is a sought-after position at the federal level. This is a high- paying job that is usually reserved for those with previous law enforcement experience and there are plenty of applicants for any positions that come open.

Marshalls provide courtroom security for federal courts around the United States and perform fugitive apprehensions for those suspects charged with federal crimes. A Deputy U.S. Marshall will at times work with other federal agencies or local police and sheriff’s departments but courtroom security and fugitive apprehension are the main job responsibilities.

How to Become a US Marshal

Though federal standards for employment are constantly changing, historically the position of Deputy U.S. Marshall is one that hasn’t required a college education. It should be noted, however, that a college education is highly desirable in a candidate and those with college degrees are going to rise to the top of the hiring list much faster than those without degrees.

Accredited state university Bachelor’s degrees in law enforcement or related fields should be considered necessary by those interested in employment as a Marshall. The degree should be from a nationally accredited university or college. Online universities and colleges also offer accredited degrees but it’s up to the student to make sure that the accrediting agencies are the same ones that regulate state institutions. Many of the online degrees are offered wholly or in part via the Internet or mail and the student can takes classes right in his or her home. Some colleges never require a student to visit the campus while some may require a few weeks of residential on-site education at their facilities.

How Much Does a US Marshal Make - US Marshal Salaries

U.S. Marshalls can expect to make well over $30,000 their first year. As duties increase and time is gained in the job, salaries can rise into the $50,000 bracket, usually commensurate with other federal agency pays scales. The Department of Homeland Security incorporates the U.S. Marshalls and virtually guarantees a steady position once an applicant is hired.

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