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Learning a degree is the first step in improving an individual's lifestyle and opportunities for career advancement. Many prospective students start out in a field choosing an online Associates degree. This degree choice is flexible in that it allows them to begin a career and presents the opportunity to continue their education should they so desire.

In online associate degree is a degree title given by colleges and universities upon completion of a generally two-year program of study in a particular field. The length of time can vary with other factors. The online associate degree requires roughly 60 credit hours to complete.

Requirements for most online Associate Degree programs are a high school diploma or equivalency, and usually an entrance test like ACT or SAT tests. This changes of course with the school.

Coursework for an online Associate Degree Of course will vary with the major the student has chosen. However there are usually some requirement that are consistent from school to school and state to state. Most states and schools require a general education core program. This is intended to broaden the student's horizons since as well as give them a well-rounded educational foundation.

Completion times for an online associate degree can be shortened through an accelerated online associate degree program. This type of associate’s degree plan is not offered by all institutions of higher learning, but can allow a student who is motivated and has available time to finish their associate degree online in as little as one year

In online Associate Degree transfer degree plan is also available. This program of coursework is intended to allow the student to complete all of the general education requirements for transition to a bachelor degree program.

Average salaries for the graduate of an Associate Degree program online are variable according to the field chosen however overall around $37,492 per year and of course can go up with more education or specialization in their career.

Types of Online Associates Degrees

  • A.A. degree is also known as an Associate in Arts degree and is where the student focus is upon the majority of their studies on liberal arts subjects. The remainder of the coursework for the student can be in any topic they desire. This is very often the type of degree chosen by a student with intentions of transferring to a 4 year degree program.
  • A.S. degree is an Associate in Science degree and typically more than half of the coursework will be within the liberal arts and science fields depending of course on the major. This is an associate degree plan that also can be used to transfer the majority of the credit to a higher degree but still focuses on a major area of study.
  • A. O. S. Degree is an Associate in Occupational Studies degree and in general, almost all the student’s coursework will concentrate on their chosen field and they will be prepared to begin their careers immediately upon graduation with this degree.
  • A. A. S. Is an Associate in Applied Science degree and generally has no courses in liberal arts or sciences. This degree is generally designed with the student planning to enter directly into the workforce in their major course of study. Some of the courses taken in this online associate degree program usually will transfer to a bachelor program.

Types of Online Associates Degrees Available

There are many courses of study and majors for the student interested in career advancement with an Online Associates Degree. Just click on the list below and begin your exciting new career today.

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