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Earning an undergraduate degree such as an online bachelor degree can open the door for many opportunities that are closed to persons with a lesser degree of education or no education. The average income and lifestyle of the graduate of an online bachelor degree program is almost always superior to those with less education.

The online bachelor degree is also known as a baccalaureate degree and is a standard degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of program of study with requirements generally including core education requirements and liberal arts requirements as well as focused studies into the area of specialization chosen by the student.

Bachelor degree program of study is usually intended to be completed within four years by the average full-time student. For the motivated full-time student taking summer courses or online courses this program length can be shortened. This is the standard undergraduate course of study required by many corporations and employers for employment in what is usually considered a "professional" capacity.

The number of semester credit hours required to complete a bachelor degree online will vary with the major chosen as well as the school requirements. Most bachelor degree programs online will require from 124 to 128 semester hour credits to complete. Predicting an average salary for the graduate holding an online bachelor degree can be difficult because the projected salary changes with the profession and the major chosen. However, the graduate from an online bachelor degree program can expect to earn above $40,000 per year.

Types of Online Bachelor Degrees

Most commonly there are two distinct types of online bachelor degrees offered within the United States. These however are a broad outline only, as certain schools offer only a B.A. for any major course of study whereas others may offer only a B.S. degree for any course of study.

  • B. S. Degree also called the Bachelor of Science degree. Typically within the United States a Bachelor of Science degree is a program of study that focuses more upon desired field of the student and less upon the liberal arts aspect of the education. This is not a lesser degree or greater than a Bachelor of Arts degree it is simply a more hard science focused degree.
  • B. A. Degree also called the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree program in that they may focus more upon liberal arts and have fewer science requirements for graduation.

Accredited Online Bachelor Degrees Available

There are many different professions to pursue with an online Bachelor Degree and below are listed some of the selections to allow you a brand-new career as a professional. Just select the Online Bachelor Degree program that interests you from the list below for more information and get on the path to your new career today.

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