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Online certification programs cover the widest range of any program in education. An online certification can be suitable for the vocational student interested in a career path with minimum schooling and practical applications. It also can be appropriate for the post graduate student who wants to show competency within a field or needs to meet state requirements. An example of this might be the student with a Bachelor in Education who must take a teaching certificate program before actively engaging in teaching.

The requirements for each type of certification program vary with the field and the level of certification. For some students, the certification program might be the entire educational experience, as in a student enrolled in a certified nursing aide program or technical or vocational study program. For other students it might be the culmination of education as in the Teacher seeking a teaching certification, or the Master of Business Administration graduate seeking a certificate in Business Management.

In general a certificate program will last no longer than one year. In some cases it might last only 6 weeks. The individual requirements for each discipline vary widely.

The earning power of different types of degrees varies widely. There is no price that can be assessed as every educational level will require different types of certification programs.

With a vocational level the certification program graduate can earn from $25,000 per year and up.

With the undergraduate level and post graduate level successful online certification degree student earn $40,000 a year and up.

In some cases such as in the teacher a certification is required before beginning employment.

In still others the current trend is toward a Six Sigma certification that indicates the mastery of a certain school of thought and approach to management and cost cutting. Certifications like these may influence an employer in favor of a certain individual over many other equally qualified candidates.

Almost every discipline will have a tremendous variety of certification programs at many levels to prove mastery of a particular specialization within that field. Certification within fields can significantly improve job prospects for the graduate.

Types of Online Certificate Degrees

Types of online certificate degrees may be generally divided into 2 areas.

  • Occupational Certification usually equips the student to enter the workforce and displays mastery of a certain occupational or vocational requirement for that vocation. For instance the certificate for the Nurse Aide leading to a CNA or the certificate for the web designer that shows competency in the various skills needed for successful web design. These are educational aims in and of themselves and can be continued by earning associates and bachelor degrees or can lead to successful employment immediately. Other certificate programs such as a certificate in Information security can be pursued in around one year by completing a series of courses in information security.
  • Professional Certification is often an upgrade to current professional titles and focuses.  The requirements of these certification programs vary with the discipline and the complexity of the area of specialization. Often these are sought by graduate and post graduate level students who wish to upgrade their bachelor or master degrees and show expertise in a particular area.

Online Certificate Programs Available

The number of certificate programs available is vast and there is a list provided below to allow you to choose from the vocational or professional certification program that suits your needs. Just click on the one that interests you.

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