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Regardless of the state of the economy, we still like to play games. As sport continues to grow, so does the need for those that want to organize, officiate and manage various individual and team sports. The options are endless in a sports management career…you can work with kids or adults, teams or individuals, whatever your desire.

Although it may seem like a career that does not require education, in many cases that is not the case. There are a number of online degree programs which help you get a start in the in the sports management industry. With a degree, you can immediately impress upon potential employers a high level of training that can help their organization. The programs are geared towards those who want to learn very real skills that can be applied to the working world almost immediately.

How to Become a Sports Manager

One of the most popular Sports Management careers is working in the front office of your favorite team. Just about every youngsters dream is to play pro sports, but if you are in the majority that doesn’t make it, then why join the team in another capacity? There are opportunities both within big time professional sports and in minor league sports that people can take advantage of with their degree. In addition to those career leads, those with a degree can land a job working in college sports if they have the drive.

How Much Does a Sports Manager Make - Sports Manager Salaries

Sports Management careers are highly fluid and people with the right set of skills can pull themselves up in a big way. Starting salaries can be fairly modest at anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000, but as you move up the ladder, the salary opportunities become great. At the absolute peak of this field, you can make millions of dollars, and how much money you make it directly related to how successful you are.

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