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An online occupational therapy degree may enable individuals to qualify for a career in occupational therapy. There are two positions that are possible with an online occupational therapy degree. With an undergraduate degree, students can enter a career as an occupational therapists assistant. However, an advanced degree is required for anyone who aspires to become an occupational therapist.
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Online Degrees in Occupational Therapy

An online degree in occupational therapy can offer career opportunities in the occupational therapy field. Although there are basically only two career paths available in the occupational therapy field unless an individual transfers their skills to a different field of physical therapy, people with a strong desire to help people with disabilities get back into the work force or gain the ability to live independently may find this work enjoyable.

Online Occupational Therapy Associate Degree prepares students for a career as an occupational therapists assistant. Additional education (a Masters degree or greater) and on-the-job experience is required to become a professional, licensed occupational therapist.
Online Occupational Therapy Bachelor Degree is often found in a program that combines training for both a Bachelor and Masters degree in occupational therapy. This enables individuals to achieve an online Masters degree in occupation therapy more quickly.
Online Occupational Therapy Masters Degree is the minimum requirement for individuals aspiring to become occupational therapists. Licensure is also required for occupational therapists to practice, but an advanced degree (such as a Masters) is half the battle.
Online Occupational Therapy Doctorate Degree provides individuals with an excellent credential that potential employers find appealing. An online Doctorate degree in occupational therapy prepares individuals for various employment settings, possibly including their own practice. Also, this degree may enable individuals to teach an occupational therapy course in a college or university. This degree assures clients and employers that a person is committed to their work and has significant experience in the field.

Online Occupational Therapy Courses

Coursework in programs for online occupational therapy degrees may vary depending on the college and degree level. However, some common courses to expect include information on fundamentals of occupational therapy, interpersonal relations in occupational therapy, fundamentals of activity therapy, documentation in occupational therapy, occupational skills development, dynamics of human movement, assistive technology in occupational therapy, anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy, physics, psychology, social problems, statistics, issues in occupational therapy, theory of occupation, research methods in occupational practice, human resource management in occupational therapy, geriatric rehabilitation, community gerontology, pediatric occupational therapy, academic and clinical education, social policy and disability, health promotion and wellness, program evaluation, individual client monitoring, and educational theory and practice.
Occupational Therapy Degree Careers and Salary Information

An online degree in occupational therapy enables people to enter a career as an occupational therapists assistant, occupational therapist, or a position in a related physical therapy field. The median entry level salary for people with a degree in occupational therapy is $67,490. However, this may range from $56,035 to $81,767 depending on the person?s employment setting, level of education, and on-the-job experience. Employment settings may include hospitals, offices of other health practitioners, educational services, nursing care facilities, home health care services, outpatient care centers, community care facilities, government agencies, and other health care facilities. The number of occupational therapy careers is projected to grow by 23% by 2016, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. A growing elderly population will increase the need for various medical services, including those provided by occupational therapists and their assistants.

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