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The fields of Forensic Science/crime scene investigation, which have been depicted in many popular television programs and movies, are rapidly growing career paths that are in great demand worldwide. A position in these jobs can be used as a springboard for entering such government agencies as the FBI or international agencies, such as Interpol, or for promotion from within to higher positions, such as management.

Many different tasks are performed daily by people who specialize in Forensic Science/crime scene investigation. Investigators have to fulfill many requirements when analyzing crimes scenes. These job assignments run the gamut from analyzing information and data compiled on the scene to entering and testing this information and evidence by using many different machines and other processes. Employees communicate their findings not only to their superiors but to the public and customers, but to the government and other external organizations. They are called upon to identify objects, actions and events related to their investigation.

How to Become a Forensic Science & CSI

With many new tasks emerging as the science involved in the investigation of crime scenes advances, an investigator needs to receive a quality education. Many community colleges, universities, and technical schools offer this type of education. As more and more students show an interest in the field of Forensic Science/crime scene investigation the pressure is on educational institutions to provide the necessary courses in a manner that makes their availability meet the needs of these learners. In an effort to meet these needs many online schools have begun offering Forensic Science programs. These programs allow students’ flexibility of learning and offer career education programs, as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in Forensic Science. Online providers allow a student to pursue their education while maintaining their current jobs.

How Much Does a Forensic Science & CSI Make - Forensic Science & CSI Salaries

In the US the average salaries for forensic scientists range from $42,000 to $54,500, with length of employment, knowledge and experience being contributing factors when it comes to determining an employee’s advancement and pay raises.

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