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An online degree in massage therapy may enable students to qualify for several careers in massage therapy. These careers include massage therapist, physical therapist assistant and aide, massage instructor, and similar positions. A massage therapist uses human touch and massage techniques to promote a client's stress relief, mental health, rehabilitation, relaxation, muscle stimulation, or detoxification. 

Types of Online Degrees in Massage Therapy

An online certificate or degree can enable individuals to qualify for a career in massage therapy because the programs offer the education, training, and credentials to enter this field. The following are the two most common credentials for massage therapists in the field.

Online Massage Therapy Certification educates and trains students in Eastern and Western theory techniques, treating specific pain, and the basics of a holistic approach to health and healing. The training associated with this degree may prepare a student for an entry level position in a spa, health club, clinic, or chiropractic office.

Online Massage Therapy Associate Degree can prepare students for a job in hospitals, clinical settings, or their own practice. This credential assures potential employers and clients that the individual has had special training in massage therapy and is familiar with various techniques to improve the health of their clients.

Online Massage Therapy Degree Courses

Coursework in programs for online massage therapy degrees may vary depending on the college and degree level. However, some common courses to expect include information on anatomy and physiology, cranial sacral therapy, professional development, sports massage, trigger point therapy, CPR and first aid training, pathology, body mechanics, vibrating healing massage, massage therapeutics, shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, spa elements, business ethics, medical terminology, pathology of disease, and other related courses.

Online Massage Therapy Degree - Career and Salary Information

An online degree in massage therapy enables people to enter a career as a massage therapist, physical therapist assistant or aide, and other similar positions. An individual with a degree in massage therapy and extensive experience may become a massage instructor. The median entry level salary for people with a degree in massage therapy is $46,124. However, this may range from $29,760 to $65,461 depending on the person's employment setting, level of education, and on-the-job experience.

Employment settings may include spas, health clubs, clinics, chiropractic offices, hospitals, their own practice, sports industry, and others. The number of massage therapy careers is projected to grow by 20% by 2016, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This projected growth is the result of a growing interest in alternative medicine and related fields and the recognition of the effects of massage therapy techniques by health care providers and insurance companies. Evidence suggests that massage therapy may be helpful in preventing and treating several types of injuries and illnesses (i.e. muscle problems, stress-related conditions, and some sicknesses and diseases).

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