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Animation careers have come a long way over the past few decades. In 1937 Walt Disney Studios created Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first fully animated feature in motion picture history. With animation being used on the web, television, feature films, video games and CD ROM products; it is safe to say that animation is not just for kids any more. In fact, during the Superbowl this year a 3-D commercial and sitcom was advertised for weeks so that viewers would be ready with their 3-D glasses on hand. Whether online or on the big screen, animation is in high demand and makes a career in animation something to consider.

How to Become an Animator

As with most careers, it takes a certain amount of skills to succeed in the animation industry. Although there are many different avenues, most require the same talents. Having the ability to draw is key, but it isn't the only thing needed in this competitive industry. What employers are looking for in an animator are as follows:

  • Artistic Ability- Not only the ability to draw but to also be a creative thinker
  • Storytelling Ability- Knowing how to get the characters to express themselves in a believable way and timely manner.
  • Technical Skills/Software Knowledge - Careers in Animation have become much more technical in recent years so training in the software programs that are most commonly used in the industry is imperative
  • Good Teamwork- The ability to work with others as a team is needed since it takes more than one person to make the storyline work.

There are many courses needed to obtain a career in Animation. Some of the most common topics you will find in animation classes are:

  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Cartooning styles
  • Color and composition
  • Drawing
  • Depicting emotion
  • Life drawing
  • Film making techniques
  • Story boarding
  • History of animation
  • Marketing
  • Creating a portfolio or demo reel
  • Software training

Careers in Animation can be fun and exciting if you have the skills needed along with a flair for the dramatic. Some of the most common tasks that Animators do on a daily basis include:

  • Drawing storyboards and creating models
  • Creating and designing an animated environment
  • Designing characters
  • Creating each frame
  • Working out the timing of movements while making sure things meet the soundtrack and script requirements
  • Using computer software
  • Correspondence with other team members to make sure you are all on the same page

How Much Does an Animator Make - Animator Salaries

Animation Careers are on the rise due to the emergence of video games and animated movies. Animation salaries fall between 47,041 and $61,391.

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