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In online Doctorate or PhD is the highest educational level awarded in the U.S. This coveted and well earned degree opens doors that no other educational title can. The published online Doctorate degree graduate is deemed qualified to teach students at the collegiate level and is intended to show a complete mastery of the discipline in which the Doctorate degree has been awarded.

It should come as no surprise that this coveted degree has some very specific requirements such as often successful completion of a Master degree, transcripts of previous schooling and to complete the online Doctorate degree program sometimes successful acceptance and publication of a dissertation.  In addition there is also many times an entrance examination to the Doctorate program in both oral and written forms intended to show that the prospective student has an adequate mastery of the discipline to succeed in the Doctorate program.

Its daunting as this might sound by the end of a Master degree program most students have all the requirements met and are ready to participate fully in an online Doctorate degree program.

This is a 2 – 5 year course of study that will prepare the student for research or scholarly pursuits within the chosen field. On a more practical note many doctorate degree holders go on to executive positions within their field as well as are often being  qualified for professorial positions within colleges and universities and carry the title PhD. Surprisingly the title of Professor is ranked higher than any other due to the continuing research and educational requirements for that position.

The online doctorate degree program will consist of 12 hours or more of advanced study courses within their field. The course requirements vary as to whether there is a dissertation requirement for their particular online Doctorate degree program or if it will be fulfilled with a comprehensive examination.

The typical earnings of the graduate of an online Doctorate degree program are as varied as the disciplines in which this title is awarded but a salary of $70,000 per year is not unreasonable.

Types of Online Doctorate Degrees

  • PhD is a Doctorate of Philosophy in the discipline is the standard multi-discipline doctorate title awarded in many areas.
  • MD is a Medical Doctorate is the degree awarded to medical doctors from accredited medical schools. The successful MD can go on to other certifications in the field.
  • JD is the Juris Doctor, a title awarded by many law schools upon completion of the doctorate degree programs. Unsurprisingly, many judges are known to hold doctorate titles.

Accredited Online Doctoral Programs Available

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