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In online master degree is generally pursued through what is known as graduate school or grad school. The reasons that a student might elect to pursue an advanced graduate degree are for personal fulfillment but more commonly for career advancement. While the holder of a bachelor degree has many opportunities open to them the person with an online master degree has many more, and the types of career opportunities offered are generally far more lucrative.

Another reason a person might decide to pursue an online Master Degree is in order to switch careers. If a person has a bachelor of science in biology and there comes a point when they may decide to change their career to archaeology, then a master degree program in archaeology can help them fill in the basics and fulfill the requirements necessary for that career change as well as awarding an advanced degree which normally will command a larger salary.

In accredited online Masters Degree program is generally of 2 years duration though that amount of time is approximate, and is directly influenced by the amount of time the student has to devote to studies, as well as with most programs the completion of a thesis.

The thesis portion of an online Master Degree program will often consist of scientific research and analysis of the field. The thesis requirement is overseen by a committee of three or more faculty members who will review the student's thesis proposal. The thesis proposal should normally consist of the objective of the thesis, and justification for the research, and the methodology for conducting the research. This is not just a term paper it is research into advanced topics within a student's chosen field and will require some time and dedication to complete. On the other side of the coin is the fact is that upon successful completion of the thesis requirement a Masters Degree in the field of study can be awarded if all required course work has been completed. There are asome online Master Degree programs which consist strictly of coursework. The availability of these programs depends upon the major of the student. When the thesis is not required then a comprehensive examination in the area of study is sometimes substituted.

Requirements for entry into an online Master’s degree program vary from school to school, though most will require an application, transcripts of prior schools, some will require graduate school testing, and all will require completion of undergraduate coursework culminating in a bachelor degree. Specific areas of study may have further requirements.

Types of Online Master Degrees

In the United States there are two standard type of master degrees normally awarded.

  • M. A. also known as a Master of Arts can be awarded in many fields of study however these degrees are generally less science heavy in course requirements. These degrees can be awarded in most disciplines and the graduate is then known as a Master of Arts in (discipline).
  • M.S. also called a Master of Science is often more demanding than a Master of Arts degree and usually it requires more hard science courses. The graduate then earns the title of Master of Arts in (discipline).  A Master of Science degree can be awarded in many disciplines and depends upon the school chosen and the area of study.

n addition to these two main degrees are a few other very common degrees;

  • MSW Master of Social Work where the specific online Master degree is awarded in the social work field.
  • MBA Master of Business Administration is a post graduate course in the business administration field.
  • ME Master of Education where the Master degree is awarded in the field of education and very useful for advanced teachers and education administration.

Accredited Online Masters Degrees Available

Below are lists of accredited online master degree programs available. In order to begin your postgraduate degree program and enjoy the benefits of an advance degree, select the program you are interested in and get started today. Sent by instilling confidence, pride, and respect within. The faculty and staff of Ohio Business College are dedicated to excellence in teaching and student services in an atmosphere that prepares our graduates for careers in their selected fields of study. Our focus is to provide quality education and skills to our graduates to help distinguish them from others in the job market. The success of Ohio Business College is measured by the accomplishments of our graduates.The faculty and administrative staff at the College are deeply committed to an ongoing responsibility to and respect for the students, their families, and the local business community. The College continually works to instill a similar sense of pride and respect in its students and alumni.

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